We design our projects based on four principles:

Community, Connectivity, Ageless and Beauty.

KIBA is an international & creative inclusive interior design firm.

Led by founders Bradley Schurman, Tara Zottola & J.F. Ayora, our work encompasses hospitality, retail, mixed-use, residential, healthcare and public & government.


People are social beings whose life becomes fuller around other people, with age this turns even more true. As such, people gravitate to welcoming places where they can spend time together, from a house to any other space that is part of our daily activities, where we can welcome others in an inclusive environment.


With growing cities and suburbs comes a series of challenges, where connectivity becomes fundamental to be able to live comfortable and connected lives.


Age is measured on arbitrary numbers. Today, the boundaries between age groups are disappearing and with that we welcome spaces that denote no age boundaries.


People search for places that will bring memorable daily experiences. To achieve this, aesthetically inviting environments are desired, places that make you long to spend time in them.

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