KIBA is the brainchild of Juan Ayora, Bradley Schurman, and Tara Zottola. Our company name, KIBA, is a portmanteu that highlights our early areas of focus, which are kitchens and baths. We are driven by the desire to design beautiful, welcoming, and functional spaces in commercial and residencial spaces for people of all ages and abilities that account for individuals’ current and future needs.

Juan is a design guru who has developed commercial and residential projects across South Florida, the Mid-Atlantic, and in Ecuador. His innovative approach to design merges old-world techniques with modern technologies to create spaces that wow. [insert brands]

Bradley is an expert in demographic change and human longevity. He’s worked across the U.S. and around the world, building the social and economic case for businesses to extend working lives and for individuals to remain independent at home. He’s worked with the leading aging organiztions, including AARP and NCOA, as well as some of the biggest brands, including Dow Jones, BlueCross Blue Shield, and MOEN, to name a few.

Tara is a veteran of the advertising, branding, and marketing industry and brings a talent for understanding consumers wants and needs, and translating those to winning communications strategies. She’s led campaigns for the SOMME Wines, Virgin Trains and the Brightline, and the United Nations.


Bradley Schurman

Bradley Schurman is a demographic futurist and opinion maker on all things dealing with the business of longevity. He’s the author of THE SUPER AGE: DECODING OUR DEMOGRAPHIC DESTINY and the founder and CEO of the global research and advisory firm, The Super Age. Bradley and his team help leading organizations harness the opportunities of increasingly older and generationally diverse populations through strategy development and execution. His insights inform national leaders and c-suite executives, as well as their teams around the world.

Tara Zottola

Tara Zottola is the CEO of KIBA with a background in marketing and international business & an MBA from the University of Miami. She has a range of experience with companies such as NationalGeographic.com, USA Today and several entrepreneurial ventures where Tara has operated her own marketing businesses successfully for many years. Tara manages all of the production & operations of the company and is involved in the development of every client's projects. With one of the key things at KIBA being our follow up of deliverables with very demanding schedules, Tara is an integral part of our success and longevity as a company. When not working, Tara can be found at the park with her daughter or planning their next adventure.

Juan F. Ayora

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